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We provide the time and balance necessary for you to find your light.
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Life Coaching offers you the opportunity to uncover and work towards designing the life you want. In today’s world it is easy to lose sight of your passions and become submersed in everyday life such as work, family, responsibilities, routine. Through partnering with a life coach you will create greater self-awareness and learn to discover what is deeply important and meaningful to you and how to align your life with these values. This truly is a life changing process you will thank yourself for later.


There is no limit or restrictions to what you can work on with your life coach but here are some common coaching topics.


  • Career change

  • Habit formation

  • Life purpose

  • Visualization

  • Stuck in a rut

  • Relationships

  • Money

  • Stress management

  • Empty nest feeling

  • Loss of identity


To schedule or find out more about

Life Coaching contact Max at:


Life Coaching Anchor






Want to increase the happiness, wellbeing and productivity of your staff?


Contact us for special corporate packages and rates on seminars, individual coaching and executive coaching services.

Sport Psychology coaching involves the development and application of mental training exercises and techniques to aid performance in sport as well as recovery from injury.


Some common topics in Sport Psychology include:


  • Motivation

  • Imagery

  • Self-Talk

  • Mental Toughness

  • Concentration

  • Managing Anxiety

  • Dealing with and returning from injuries


To schedule a call or find out more about

Sports Psychology Coaching contact Max at:


Sports Psychology Anchor



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