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Tom's 8 and 16 Week Transformation

When Tom decided it was time for a change he began his journey to a happier, healthier version of himself weighing in at 233 pounds. Tom was feeling bloated, lethargic, struggled to get a good nights sleep and felt far from his best. Over the next 8 weeks following a general healthy, balanced meal plan along with resistance training (weight lifting) 3 times a week, Tom lost a total of 29 pounds to weigh in at 204 pounds and can be seen in the "8 weeks" picture below.

Day 1

8 Weeks

After the 8 week program Tom unfortunately lost his new healthy way due to a combination of factors which included a long vacation and lots of partying :) Upon his return to KC Tom wanted to get back on the healthy train so we began a second 8 week program. This time he was starting at 218 pounds, followed a ketogenic meal plan and continued to workout 3 times a week. Each workout lasted for 45 minutes and focused on resistance training once again. At the end of this second 8 week program Tom had dropped a total of 28 pounds to weigh in at 190 pounds. The 3 pictures below show you were Tom has finished and is successfully maintaining his weight now. Congratulations Tom on making such a dramatic and positive change!

Second 8 Week Program Picture Results

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